Do you ever wonder What’s in a name?” While it is one of the most famous quotes from Shakespeare’s lyrical tale and I chose it for my first post simply because what matters is what you are and not the name. Read on to know what’s in the name instripesanddots?? 

I was inspired by all the bloggers I follow on instagram and youtube that I decided to start one on my own. However the hardest task I had was to decide a name for my blog. I spent a fair amount of time thinking of every possible name but hey there are 300 million blogs out there and most names are already taken! I needed a name that represents something about me and this blog I think will mostly be a fashion blog. It all came together when I had to choose the two most favorite patterns I love the most.. stripes and polka dots. This is where I have @instripesanddots

The first post is on polka dots. Retro inspired trends are back this year and particularly this fall. It’s nothing new to see polka dots in maternity collection and children’s clothing. Polka dots can easily make you feel like you are stuck in a 10 year old of yourself  but the right silhouette can make you pull off the great classic style. My first look is an easy dress from Zara. The dress is effortlessly chic and adds modern playfulness to the classic pattern. I paired it with patent red shoes to add a pop of color and brighten up the look.



The second look is a pair of ripped denim and the big polka dots.  Because the top has the big bold print, I kept it all with one color palette so the look is not overdone.

Zara and Mango are my go to favorite places for classic styles. They push the boundaries and come up with a modern touch to classics. I’ve posted more looks on my Instagram. Check it out!


Do you love instripesanddots?

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